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Royal jelly – what is it?

Royal jelly – what is it?

What is royal jelly?
The queen bee lays up to 2000 eggs per day during the peak phase. This, of course, is very exhausting. In order to ensure her fitness, she is fed with nutrient-rich royal jelly. This is something like the mother's milk of bees. Larvae also get it in the first two days after birth. From the third day it is decided, which bees are to become queens. They continue to receive royal jelly.

Knowledge about bees:

How is honeycomb made?
Worker bees are known to be the hardest workers in the hive. They ensure that the typical honeycombs are created. Glands on the abdomen secrete small wax drops. This is already happening in the first days of a worker. To reach the well-known hexagonal patter, wax plates are softly chewed and then shaped.
Workers do not bear their name unreasonably. They spend their entire, short lives trying to perform a variety of tasks. They clean, build, guard, collect, and also take care even of the offspring. They work theirselves literally to death.

Which animals are afraid of bees?
It is hard to believe, but the mighty elephants are afraid of bees. It is reported that African elephants have a problem with the bee’s humming. Whole herds of elephants flee when they see the little bees. According to “Der Spiegel”, this fact is used by people to protect villages and fields.