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Propolis – What is it?

Propolis – What is it?

The word "propolis" comes from Greek and can be translated as "suburban". The meaning can be interpreted otherwise: the “suburb” or the “city”, in this case the hive, is protected. Propolis is the material used to seal the apertures. For example, small cracks get sealed and stabilize the beehive floor. In addition, the putty is to ensure that the openings in and out for the bees are reduced during the autumn months, and ready to last for the winter time. Thus the hive remains warm even in the cold season.

Propolis can be used for treatment of human diseases. The valuable ingredients make the product to a perfect dietary supplement. It contains vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. When regularly taken in, it strengthens your immune system, and you will be protected during influenza pandemic.

Propolis is a natural product and contains no chemical additives. Man cannot be closer to nature.

Knowledge about bees:

Where does the typical buzzing of bees come from?
This is because bees reach a tremendous speed with their little wings. 11,400 wing beats per minute provide the well-known buzzing. Particularly industrious bees need the rapid wing beats in order to collect more nectar. Even absolute top workers need very long time to gather a kilogram of honey. Several hundreds of thousands of individual flowers are needed for it. The distance, a single bee would have to cover for such roundtrip, would be equal to a six-time the length of the Earth orbit.

How fast do bees fly?
Due to the many wing beats bees reach a certain speed. With up to 25 km/h they fly from flower to flower. Despite the tempo, an average bee cannot even produce a gram of honey in her life. The amount of propolis collected per flight is only 10 mg. Therefore, the entire colony must help each other.