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Propolis effect: so does propolis work!

Propolis effect: so does propolis work!

What is the effect of propolis?
Propolis influences the hives to be virtually germ-free. Bees collect propolis using their mouthparts. Afterwards it is mixed with the mouth secretions. Bees have little bags on their hind legs. Therein the propolis is stored and eventually taken into the hive.

Propolis is used to protect the hive. Openings get smaller, cracks get sealed, and floor and ceiling are stuck. For this purpose propolis is mixed with wax.

In humans, propolis has a strengthening effect thanks to the numerous vitamins and minerals contained. In this case, the special manufacturing process of Bee Pure ensures that the important ingredients are preserved and not, if following other techniques, partially purged. Bee Pure propolis is a 100% natural product.

Knowledge about bees:

How long do bees exist?
Propolis protects the bees, thereby they survive cold winters. It is believed that bees were found on Earth 100 million years ago. The find, referring to this suggestion, has been discovered in the US state of New Jersey. A bee fossil found is likely to be of approximately that age.

The life expectancy of an ordinary bee is not even a year. An average bee lives from late summer to spring. A drone dies during mating with the queen, if there is no pairing life possible until late summer. Queens, however, live up to four years.

Why are bees so important?
Without bees we would have to get along without many foods. One third of our food is produced by pollinating bees. Or as Albert Einstein put it: "If the bees would disappear from the Earth, mankind would live only for four years."

Therefore, it is very important to protect our bees. In the last few years, their number has been decreasing, and you can read publications about bee deaths very often.