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Propolis Dosage - How do I consume Bee Pure propolis correctly?

Propolis Dosage - How do I consume Bee Pure propolis correctly?

What is the recommended dosage of propolis?

For adults the recommended daily dose is 2x1 capsules. You can also open the capsules and mix the contents with food. A regular intake is required. Propolis can also be used as a preventative measure against acute symptoms.

Knowledge about bees:

Can honey bees collect honey from birth?
No, despite the name of honey bee, it does not have the ability to collect honey from its very birth, and it is something it has to learn how to do. Experienced bees act as teachers who take the younger under their wing. While honey bees teach each other, the queen takes care of the eggs. She lays about 2,000 eggs every day in high season, which is more than her own body weight.

What are drones?
Drones are the male inhabitants of the hive, workers and queens are the female counterparts. While the workers, as their name suggests, are provided for various work in and outside the hive, the drones are responsible for the mating of queens.

Drones differ in appearance, they are much clumsier and have larger eyes. Since drones have no other duties than copulation, they become neglected in late summer. They receive no more food and are forced out by the others. Since they do not even participate in food searching, they die out.