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Pollen effect: so does pollen work!

Pollen effect: so does pollen work!

What is the effect of bee pollen?
Bee pollen contains vitamins and minerals. Thus it is a substantial food and feeds the entire colony. Pollen is collected by the worker bees. They must be diligent because the population can eat 20-30 kg pollen per year. A single bee collects only a teaspoon of it in a month, by working eight hours a day.

Knowledge about bees:

How do bees communicate with each other?
Bees do not talk to each other, they dance. There are different types of dances that will inform you about the location of the food source. For example, the round dance indicates that the distance is not too far. For further distances the Swaying dance is used.
Bees are strictly vegetarian. Only in very few instances they drink their own blood. Apart from that, their food is limited to vegetable saps and bee pollen.

Do all bees sting?
No, just worker bees use their sting. Queens and drones do not leave the hive and have, therefore, no reason to use their sting. Bees sting only in case of present threat. Their bite is not fatal. A man without allergy can endure up to 1,100 stitches before he dies.