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Bees’ natural remedy with vitamin C for breathing-weakened bees


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60 Capsules

Bees’ natural remedy with vitamin C for breathing-weakened bees

  • 100% natural product, no chemical additives or alcohol contained, gluten- and sugar-free
  • Combined propolis and pollen
  • Extra vitamin C for your health
  • With additional groups of vitamins and minerals
  • Suitable for smokers or people suffering from allergies

Recommended duration of treatment:

    2 pack monthly for a period of min. 2 months. Bee Pure Respiro is ideally applicable as a natural remedy for prevention or add-on treatment.

Content: 60 Veggie Capsules.
Consumption: 2x2 capsules daily.
Ingredients (4 capsules): 1020 mg natural propolis, 520 mg bee pollen and 60 mg vitamin C.
Ingredients: Propolis, bee pollen, vitamin C, hydroxypropymethylcellulose (capsule shell).

Bee Pure Bee products: Respiro
60 Capsules -

What do our customers say?

By on 06.06.2017.

Right after my allergic rhinitis appeared I began taking 2x2 Bee Pure Respiro capsules and the problems disappeared.

Product rating: (4.00) 43211

By on 23.05.2017.

Because of expressed pollen allergies in spring I take every day 2x2 Bee Pure Respiro и 2 Bee Pure Propolis capsules. The allergic symptoms have considerably decreased.

Product rating: (5.00) 54321

By on 19.05.2017.

I have been suffering from allergies for 5 years now and the symptoms accompanying the disease such as sneezing, swelling of nasal mucosa, red eyes, headaches, swollen sinuses. I take two capsules Bee Pure Respiro daily and since then I do not sneeze.

Product rating: (5.00) 54321

By on 04.05.2017.

Since I use   Bee Pure Respiro I do not have heavy allergic problems (running nose, cough, rales, sneezing).

Product rating: (5.00) 54321
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