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Native Propolis Junior - Nature for your kids to stay healthy


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Native Propolis Junior
in Powder Form

Especially for little Bees, who want to laugh a lot.

Propolis Junior – Natural health for your children

  • 100% natural bee remedy, no chemical additives
  • No sugar added, alcohol- and gluten-free
  • Contains 300 natural bioactive substances in their genuine form
  • Rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C and E) and minerals (calcium, magnesium, copper und iron)
  • Naturally pure product from bees in a nature reserve in Croatia

Recommended daily intake:

As a nutritional supplement for children aged 1 year and above:

  • 1-2 measuring spoons for children up to 10 kg
  • 2-4 measuring spoons for children weighting 10 - 20 kg
  • 4-6 measuring spoons for children weighting 20 - 30 kg

Usage of measuring spoons:

Just mix the powder with baby food or yoghurt, honey, smoothie.

  • 1 measuring spoon: 0,5 g (63 mg propolis / 438 mg bee pollen)
  • 6 measuring spoons: 3 g (378 mg propolis / 2628 mg bee pollen)
Bee Pure Bee products: Native Propolis Junior
in Powder Form -

What do our customers say?

By on 19.04.2017.

Because of tromboсytopeniа I give my daughter Bee Pure Propolis Junior and I am very content with the results, she gets tired more rarely.

Product rating: (5.00) 54321

By on 21.02.2017.

I regularly give Bee Pure Propolis Junior to my daughters and they visibly get better.

Product rating: (5.00) 54321

By on 02.02.2017.

With Bee Pure Propolis and Bee Pure Propolis Junior I managed to cope with the diseases in the kindergarten. My daughter did not get ill, so did I. Our immunity grew higher.

Product rating: (5.00) 54321

By on 30.01.2017.

Because of lack of antibodies, since he was eight months old, my son suffers from throat and ear infections, as well as allergies with high temperature. His condition was so bad that we were to hospital twice. Since we give him Pure Propolis Junior he gets ill more rarely and the allergies disappeared.

Product rating: (5.00) 54321
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