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Native Royal Jelly - Natural stimulant for mental vitality


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Native Royal Jelly
32 Pastilles

The “milk” of the queen bee

  • Boosts your intellectual vitality and concentration
  • Rich in amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins
  • 100% naturally pure royal jelly in native form
  • Origin: nature reserve in Dalmatia
  • Recommended for stressed body and mind

Recommended duration of treatment:

    1 pack per month for a period of min. 2 months.

Content: 32 pastilles.
Consumption: 1-2 pastilles daily. Dissolve in the mouth so that the valuable ingredients enter the bloodstream.
Ingredients (1 pastille): 100 mg freeze-dried royal jelly.
Ingredients: Inulin, royal jelly, flavor (menthol), sweeteners (steviolglycosides), release agents (magnesium salts of fatty acids).

Bee Pure Bee products: Native Royal Jelly
32 Pastilles -

What do our customers say?

By on 27.04.2017.

Our most important medication is Bee Pure Propolis (Propolis, Propolis Junior). A day never passes for my family if we do not take   Bee Pure products. We also use Bee Pure Gelée Royale. The effect to our health is visible, especially during the winter months. The general infections during the winter months usually last not more than 2-3 days, compared to the normal – a week or more.

Product rating: (5.00) 54321

By on 22.10.2016.

I would like to share the exceptional impact of Bee Pure Gelée Royale to my 70 year old mother.She has asthma, pains in the legs, high blood pressure, gets tired very quickly and concentrates with difficulty. After having taken the first Bee Pure Gelée Royale she felt much better right away. She does not need the pump for the   asthma any more. There are no pains in the legs. But they appear when she stops taking Вече Bee Pure Gelée Royale.

Product rating: (5.00) 54321

By on 17.12.2014.

I take preventively one   Bee Pure Gelée daily. I feel cheerful, healthier and I have more energy.

Product rating: (5.00) 54321
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