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Bees’ natural remedy with ginger for weakened bees


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60 Capsules

Bees natural medicin with Ginger for apetite weakened bees

  • Helps to relieve intestinal and stomach problems, flatulence and heartburn
  • 100% naturally pure product
  • No alcohol, gluten- and sugar-free
  • Propolis is produced in a nature reserve in Croatia
  • Vegan capsules are easily digestible

Recommended duration of treatment:

    1 pack monthly for a period of min. 2 months. Bee Pure Gastro is ideally applicable as a natural remedy for prevention or add-on treatment.

Content: 60 Veggie Capsules.
Consumption: 2x2 capsules daily.
Ingredients (4 capsules): 800 mg natural propolis, 400 mg bee pollen and 400 mg of ginger powder.
Ingredients: Propolis, bee pollen, ginger powder, hydroxypropymethylcellulose (capsule shell).

Bee Pure Bee products: Gastro
60 Capsules -

What do our customers say?

By on 10.04.2017.

I have been suffering from high stomach acids for 10 years. Apart from that they established that there is Helicobacter pylori. I began taking 3 capsules daily   Bee Pure Propolis. Only after 10 days I got better. Since then the last two years I take regularly Bee Pure Propolis.I do not complain of acids anymore and my digestion is functioning without any problems. My liver tests also got better; they were high because of the frequent use of medications.

Product rating: (5.00) 54321

By on 25.02.2017.

I use Bee Pure Gastro, because I accidently got stomach acids. It was so hard that my everyday life changed. Now I have acids very rarely with very light and short symptoms. I am happy that I learned about your products. I can recommend them to everyone.

Product rating: (5.00) 54321

By on 11.12.2016.

After having taken Bee Pure Gastro for one month my stomach complaints decreased. I have stomach aches very rarely, and also acids or heaviness in the stomach.

Product rating: (4.00) 43211
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