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Terms of use (TU)

1. Range
These general terms (called further "terms of use”) apply exclusively for the contract concluded between Hedera Vertriebs-GmbH and consumers (under the Law on Consumer Protection, "CPA") in our online shop.

2. Partner contract, customer service
The contract is concluded with Hedera Vertriebs-GmbH. More information can be found in the imprint. You can contact our customer service department for questions, complaints and reclamations Monday-Friday: 9-12 am, telephone number: + 43 6649991000.

3. Conclusion of contract
The presentation of products in our online shop is not а legally binding offer, but a non-binding online catalog. By clicking you are making a binding order for goods in the shopping basket. Immediately after sending, the order reception should be confirmed. This, however, does not mean acceptance of the contract. We can accept your order by sending an order confirmation by e-mail or deliver the goods within five (5) days, and then we would have a binding contract.
If you have chosen one of the following methods of payment (credit card, instant transfer or payment with PayPal), the contract becomes valid respectively:
- When paying by credit card, the contract is concluded in each case, at the time of withdrawal of the amount from the credit card;
- Immediate transfer contract is concluded at the time of withdrawal the amount from the account;
- PayPal payment contract is concluded in each case, at the time of confirmation of the payment of the order by payment service provider.

4. Delivery charge
Delivery costs are further added to the price of the product.
Within Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, and Slovakia the delivery costs approximately 5.90 euro.
Any (if present) special offers, such as free shipping, would be noted on the relevant product page.

5. Payment
Payment should be made by credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners), PayPal or bank transfer.

Credit Cards
The withdrawal of the funds from your credit card completes the contract.

You pay the amount in the account through the online supplier PayPal. You need to be registered there, respectively to make the first registration. After legitimizing with your data access, you can confirm the payment of the order to us. You will receive additional instructions during the ordering process.

Bank transfer
Debiting the purchase price from your account means completion of the contract.

This form of payment is available only for deliveries within Austria and Germany. The transaction in Austria and Germany bares no fees for you.

6. Purchase on site
We deliver only by carrier. We apologize but you cannot purchase our goods on site.

7. Liability
We are only liable in cases of intent or gross negligence. This does not include personal damage, as already liable for slight negligence. We are not responsible for any damage or side effects (allergies, etc.), incurred in connection with the use of the products. In this regard please consult with your doctor in advance. Do not take the product if you are aware of your intolerance to bee products.

Liability for lost profits, lost savings, direct and consequential damages and damages resulting from claims of third parties, is excluded unless compelling legal grounds. Furthermore, our liability for each event causing damage is limited to 2000 euros, if an individual is concerned, and to 50.000 euros, in case a group of people is affected. If the total damage is higher, the claims of the individual claimants should be reduced proportionally. In case we ignore our contract obligations, our liability for damages is limited to the respective normal damage in a similar case.

8. Retention of property
The goods remain our property until they are fully paid.

9. Transport damage
If your products are delivered with obvious transport damages, report damages to the supplier and contact us immediately. The refusal to make a claim or contact us does not affect your legal rights and their implementation, especially your warrantee rights. This would help us to claim compensation against the carrier or the transport insurance company.

10. Cancellation of the contract or "Triple Purity Guarantee"
(A) Right of withdrawal and cancellation terms

As a "consumer" within the meaning of § 1 Law on Consumer Protection (KSchG) – i.e. as a person, whom the transaction is not part of its business operations for – you can resign from a closed distance contract or a remotely submitted contractual declaration without giving a reason.

The withdrawal period is seven (7) business days, whereby Saturday does not count as a working day. It is sufficient the cancellation to be sent within the deadline.

The period begins with the consumer in contracts for the supply of goods, from the date of its receipt.

In the event that we have not complied with the disclosure requirements (information) under the Law on Consumer Protection, the withdrawal period is extended to three (3) months from the date of receipt of goods by the consumer. However, if we are late with our obligation to inform our clients within this period, the period of seven (7) business days to exercise the right of withdrawal starts from the moment of transmission of the information from the contractor.

Cancellation must be in written form (letter or e-mail) and send to:

HEDERA Vertriebs-GmbH

Radelmayergasse 1, APH6 / 14
1190 Vienna

(B) Withdrawal of costs and consequences:

If the consumer makes use of his right of withdrawal of already received products, the latter should be returned step by step. The contractor must reimburse the sums paid by the consumer and compensate him for all necessary and reasonable expenses incurred in this matter. The consumer must return the received goods and pay the contractor a reasonable fee for their use, including paying compensation for the associated reduction in the fair market value of the product, whereby the retention of goods by the consumer itself should not be regarded as a violation.
The consumer has to pay only the direct cost of returning the goods.

(c) „Triple Purity Guarantee“:

The so called "Triple Purity Guarantee" is deferred return of a maximum of two (2) items within ninety (90) days after receipt of the goods by the consumer. For every purchase of our products, apart from the legal deadlines for refusal (see above), you have the opportunity to return two (2) items within 90 (ninety) days from the receipt of the goods. Therefore, you have the right to cancel contract after the withdrawal period (see above) if you return the goods within said period. The return of the goods is as described in section. 10. (b). Dispatching the goods on time is sufficient to meet the deadline. In order to make use of the "Triple purity guarantee”, you should inform us, respectively send us the invoice, the number of the order, and the number of your account.
The return of money is done into the account, which the payment is made from.
Your legal right of withdrawal (see above) remains unaffected and remains enforceable despite our rules for additional contracting (voluntary) possibility of withdrawal ("Triple Purity Guarantee"). Until the expiration of the legal right of withdrawal, the legal regulations described therein shall apply. This (voluntary) possibility of withdrawal, stated in the contract ("Triple Purity Guarantee"), does not limit your legal rights under any circumstances, and remain unaffected.

11. Accessibility and keeping of the wording of the contract
The wording of the contract is kept by us. All the information about the order as well as our terms of use will be sent by e-mail. The terms of use can be downloaded from this page at any time. The history of former orders is available through logging into the client`s account.

12. Language of the contract
The language of the contract is English.

13. Divisibility clause
In the event that any term or condition of these terms of use is or become ineffective, all other terms and conditions will remain and continue to be valid and enforceable.

14. Governing law
These terms of use shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Austria, excluding its conflict of law provisions as well as of regulations of CISG (UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION ON CONTRACTS FOR THE INTERNATIONAL SALE OF GOODS).