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Right of Withdrawal

A) Right of withdrawal and cancellation period:

As a "consumer" within the meaning of § 1 Law on Consumer Protection (KSchG) – i.e. as a person, whom the transaction is not part of its business operations for – you can resign from a closed distance contract or a remotely submitted contractual declaration without giving a reason.

The withdrawal period is seven (7) business days, whereby Saturday does not count as a working day. It is sufficient the cancellation to be sent within the deadline.

The contract period begins with the date of goods received by the consumer.

In the event that we have not complied with the disclosure requirements (information) under the Law on Consumer Protection, the withdrawal period is extended to three (3) months from the date of receipt of goods by the consumer. However, if we are late with our obligation to inform our clients within this period, the period of seven (7) business days to exercise the right of withdrawal starts from the moment of transmission of the information from the contractor.

Cancellation must be in written form (letter or e-mail) and send to:
HEDERA Vertriebs-GmbH
Radelmayergasse 1, APH6 / 14
1190 Vienna

(B) Withdrawal of costs and consequences:

If the consumer makes use of his right of withdrawal of already received products, the latter should be returned step by step. The contractor must reimburse the sums paid by the consumer and compensate him for all necessary and reasonable expenses incurred in this matter. The consumer must return the received goods and pay the contractor a reasonable fee for their use, including paying compensation for the associated reduction in the fair market value of the product, whereby the retention of goods by the consumer itself should not be regarded as a violation.

The consumer has to pay only the direct cost of returning the goods.

(C) "Triple purity“

The so-called "Triple Purity Guarantee" is an enhanced return a maximum of two (2) items up to ninety (90) days after receipt of goods by consumers. For all purchases of our products, we grant you, therefore, in addition to the legal right of withdrawal (see above) make an additional voluntary return of up to two (2) items within a total of ninety (90) days from receipt of the goods. With this law, you can even after the expiry of the withdrawal period (see above) withdraw from the contract by returning the goods within this period to us. The return of the goods takes place as set out under point 10 (b). The timely sending of the goods sufficient to meet the deadline. Condition for the exercise of the "Triple Purity Guarantee" is only that you send or tell us invoice, order number and your bank account.

Repayment is made on the account you are using to pay.

Your statutory right (see above) is subject to compliance with our rules on supplementary contractually granted (voluntary) return way ("Triple Purity Warranty") without prejudice and is handled independently thereof. Until the deadline for the statutory right of withdrawal, only the legal conditions that point shall apply. This contract granted (voluntary) return way ("Triple Purity Guarantee") also limited not affect your statutory warranty rights remain that will get you fully.