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BEE SCIENTIFIC – What do we research?

Bee Pure products are based on an intensive research. Renowned scientists were called in to explore the effect of the products. It is our ultimate goal to deliver bee products in its natural form, intended to be used by humans. Eventually it has been achieved. And this was made possible due to the constant collaboration with scientists.

The effect of propolis was over and over a subject to exploration. The focus was on the investigation of its curative impact. Based on scientific knowledge, the placebo and suggestive effects were carefully planned. The results were documented and published in professional journals. In order to avoid any misinterpretation, each study was assessed by independent experts.

Bee Pure Products emerged from the key findings of this research. It also brought notably valuable experiences for the purposes of the nutrition science, which means a great benefit for people as well.


Bee Pure works on the activities of this "gift of nature called propolis" with the support of the greatest scientific research institute of Croatia, RudjerBoskovic Institute in Zagreb. The aim is to explore the effects of bee products in their full bandwidth, and to make its naturally pure form available for us, humans. This intense collaboration with top scientists marks the foundation for the development of all Bee Pure products. Each one of the latter is the result of extensive research efforts, which provided the nutrition science with valuable insights. Bee Pure products were rigorously tested, before reaching out their current state, available now in our partner pharmacies or our online shop.