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Essential oils

30. December 2015. | Discussion

Believe it or not, essential oil shave a significant holistic effect on our well-being. Fragrances and odours influence positively not only our moods but also our body’s defences. The latter is recognized by aromatherapy, which is based on the use of essential oils. There is a great variety of oils, where by bees play a key role, since 100% pure oils are never applied undiluted and are mostly mixed, for instance with honey. Following you will find all the necessary and useful information on the application and effect of essential oils.

Honeycomb oil for baths and creams

The honey produced by bees and available in the honeycombs has been used for a very long time as a beauty product. Thanks to its healing properties it can sooth sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin. In aphrodisiac mixtures the honeycomb demonstrates a warming and relaxing effect. The possible applications of essential oils are of great range: for baths and cream preparations oil drops are usually mixed with honey. The main reason for it is that essential oils are not water-soluble, meaning that if mixed directly with water they are unable to disperse through the skin. In order to dissolve properly in water they need to be emulsified. Usually honey serves as such emulsifier. Apart of the honey concentrate can be used as a bath or cream ingredient. When contained in creams honey proves to be an excellent skin care component.

Honey and essential oils for internal use

Bees are known as messengers of spring, as their buzzing around remind us of fact that winter is over. Because theys warm out when it gets warm and transform the gathered nectar and pollenin to the delicious honey. Honey, in this regard, is usable internally in plenty of combinations. Essential oils can be mixed with a tea spoon of honey (liquid), then put into water or warm tee and taken in. It is especially suitable for travelling if you put a drop of essential oil on to a sugar cube and mix it into warm water. Once the sugar lump has dissolved, the mixture can be taken in, pulverized with the tongue and swallowed.

The various effects of essential oils

*Psychological effect:
The fragrances of essential oils enhance the well-being, improve the mood and reduce stress. While stimulating aromas amuse and activate, the soothing scents have a relaxing effect. The honeycomb notably calms unbalanced and stressed people. It recovers a weaken body lacking energy, so that performance and power of concentration are increased. The warming honey fragrance sets your mind free, you can relax and forget the troubles of the daily life.

*Physical impact:
Essential oils, depending on the ingredients, can promo tea warming, cooling, refreshing or regenerating effect on the skin. Especially beneficial is to enjoy an evening bath with essential oils and honey – it helps you winding down and getting your skin regenerated and your sleep improved.

What are essential oils applied for?
* Chamomile: anti-inflammatory and relaxing
* Lavender: antibacterial
* Valerian: sedative
* Rosemary: hypertensive (blood pressure-increasing)
* Lemon: hypotensive (blood pressure-lowering)
* Rosemary: circulation stimulating
* Eucalyptus: expectorant
* Caraway and fennel: antispasmodic (cramps-relieving)