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Bee products

10. September 2015. | Discussion

Bee products

Next to the delicious honey the industrious bees produce a considerable variety of products of high nutritional value, such as pollen, royal jelly, bee bread and many more different modifications thereof. For ages humans have felt the benefits of consuming bee products as food supplements and natural remedies. Following useful information refers to the most common bee products.


The honey is a thin or viscous to solid substance representing the most familiar bee product stored by bees as food supply. Its consistency and color intensity are determined by the sort of flowers and the honeydew.  Whether as a nutrition or a stimulant food honey is equally popular with young, old or in-between. This natural product has an indisputable healing effect on human health. The sweetness of honey can be ascribed to the fructose and glucose contained therein. What taste honey can have depends on the nature of the flowers from which bees have collected the honeydew and the nectar. Apart from the sugars, honey contains water, vitamins, enzymes, pollen, amino acids, minerals and flavors. Owing to this comprehensive composition, honey is regarded as healthier than regular sugar. Furthermore, according legal regulations any addition or extraction of ingredients with respect to honey is prohibited. Therefore, honey is considered to be a 100% natural product.


Wax is an endogenous bee product. It is secreted in the glands of honey bees and is obtained through melting down the honeycombs. Initially it is clear-white, in melted state however the color ranges from white yellow to brown. Nowadays wax is applied in various healing ointment, hot patches, from cosmetic care to wood protection and care products. A special utilization of beeswax is the manufacturing of beeswax candles spreading a soft, sweet scent of honey.


Honey bees use propolis for sealing up the beehive. It is also recognized as a valuable natural remedy. What’s more, the resinous mixture is regarded by bees as an „all-round medicine“ of a sort. It can fight various bee diseases and promotes the health of bees. The compound is gathered and produced by particular honey bees. These fly out of the beehive between 10 am and 4 pm, when the ambient temperature is high enough for the resins to get smooth.

Royal jelly

Royal jelly is a special nutritious secretion reserved for the bee queen - the only bee, exceptionally fed on it throughout her development. The substance is of high-protein value because it is produced by worker bees through the digestion of the high-protein pollen. As a result bee queen becomes much greater in size, gets enough  digestible protein and is able to lay several hundreds of thousands eggs. Royall jelly is produced in specialized beekeeping farms. Furthermore, royal jelly is used as an ingredient in many food and dietary supplements as well as cosmetic preparations.


In conclusion, everybody is aware of the healthy impact of honey, nevertheless few people are acquainted with the diversity of products secreted by bees. Regardless of whether honey or pollen, royal jelly or propolis or others,  bee products provide all necessary nutrients, vital substances and minerals, proteins and trace elements, carbs and fats essential for human. So, it is hardly surprising that bee products are popular with people.