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Bee Pollen - Natural cure for your allergies

21. March 2017. | Discussion

Bee Pollen - Natural cure for your allergies

An allergy happens when your body develops an immune response to an allergen and starts creating antibodies. These antibodies then activate certain receptors to release histamine, resulting in an allergic reaction (snuffle and nose leakage, flow of tears, red and swollen eyes, sneezing, cough and hoarseness, itch of eyes, nose and throat and other).

It was shown by research that propolis blocks the release of histamin and prevents allergy reactions. It is also assumed that, with its immunomodulation activity, propolis invigorates defense and creates protective substances in organism which eliminate allergy appearances. As the concentration of propolis increases, the anti-allergic effect becomes more expressed.

Mineral calcium is very important for the prevention of allergies. Bee pollen and propolis improve the transition of calcium from digestive system to the blood so it can additionally increase his concentration in system circulation.