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Bee Love Project - We help bee population to grow!

We all need bees as much as bees need us.  With BEE PURE products you are supporting purposeful campaigns against the dying out of the most significant “environmental lawyers” on our planet:  With every package sold Bee Pure donates for the breeding of new bee colonies with up to 10 bees –  and helps to secure a future for us and our environment!



HUBERTUS MAYERHOFER, HUBEEBorn in 2002, Hubertus was only 10 years old when he decided to devote himself to saving the bees.

Owing to his project he managed to win a great number of supporters of his cause.

It resulted in creating his own beekeeping: HUBEES BEEKEEPING.

In 2015, Hubertus became a BEE LOVE beekeeper:

„We all need bees!

BEE PURE has already recognized it and, therefore, offers amazing natural remedies produced by the beehive.

I and my family use these products directly from the hive,

BEE PURE makes it possible that these healing wonders are accessible to people!

You do not need to have your own beehive, but to get BEE PURE products just check in the pharmacy nearby.

BEE LOVE is a fantastic campaign and I am proud to be the first BEE LOVE  Beekeeper!“

By the way, you can become acquainted with BEE PURE products on Sunday, 31 May 2015, in Neuaigen at „HuBees Day of open doors of the beehive“!


Yours Hubee


So many bees say Thank you and “hum-hum”!





  • Without bees the food prices would increase in a prohibitive way, 80% of our crops are depending on the pollination: fruit trees as well as strawberries, tomatoes, rapeseed and sunflowers.
  • The economic benefit of pollination exceeds the value of honey production by ten to fifteen times. These are ca. 2 billion euros per year in Germany and 70 billion US dollars worldwide.
  • Thus the honeybee takes the third place of the most useful animals of the planet after the beef and the swine.
  • For the production of 500 g honey, a bee has to fly three times around the earth.
  • Bees do not sleep. Let us support the industrious bees!


If you are a beekeeping organization, a bee institution, a beekeeper or a school, you can get in touch with us by filling out the application form.  We will support the breeding of a new bee colony – i.e. the purchase of a new bee queen, beekeeping equipment or a new beehive. >>> Apply now.

>>> "BEE" A HELPING HAND: We look forward to institutions and beekeepers willing to share their know-how and to support our BEE LOVE project: