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Our History

Our History


The uniqueness of the Bee Pure products is characterized by being the first successful propolis, bee pollen and royal jelly prepared for people as they are intended in nature. All three products represent the living basis for the bees. Now they can be offered as „powerpacks" for the people.

Over 20 years of research has been done and experiences collected: In 2002 Bee Pure was finally able to introduce pure untreated propolis. At this time it was put on the market in Croatia. The basic idea has not changed ever since: Nature is a source of power. Thereon is based the concept of Bee Pure. Of great importance for the industrious bees is the natural purity and cleanness of propolis, bee pollen and royal jelly.

In order to remain loyal to the ideas of holistic natural study, we managed to develop a manufacturing method excluding the use for additives. Any chemical process is, therefore, dispensable, which brings propolis, bee pollen and royal jelly in its naturally pure form.

Thus Bee Pure was granted the Award of BICRO competition for innovative companies.

Bee Pollen
Royale Jelly
Bee Pure Pollen
Bee Pure Propolis
Bee Pure Royale Jelly

A quality you can see, smell and taste.

The prize was received for a genuine innovation. By then propolis, pollen and royal jelly could be processed only by means of chemical additives, which made impossible the deriving of all benefits from the products. The attempts failed so far because of the unsuccessful composition of the elements and their compounds.

Bee Pure has accomplished it thanks to its innovative manufacturing method. Now you do get the products exactly in nature-intended form. That way all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements can be fully utilized.

The birth of Bee Pure and its innovative manufacturing process was inspired of our founder Dr. Sasha Radic.